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Stacy has always had a passion for children, family and friends. During her teenage years there were two things you could count on seeing with her, one was a baby or child and the other her camera. Stacy enjoyed and treasured each and every moment she spent with other people’s children. However, her journey really began after she had her own two little ones. Over the years as they grew and became more active in sports and school she began to follow her passion further. After request from friends & family, Stacy decided to pursue her passion and created SNL Photography. “It is my desire that you will be delighted with the passion and time that I take to capture your individuality.” Stacy

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hot Hot Hot

It's the weekend! Thank goodness however today it's going to be 100 but add the humidity and I'm sure it will feel much hotter! Drink plenty of water. Bring your pets in, remember to check on the elderly and take a dip in the pool if you can.
Today I wanted to share a few things with you. The first is a quick session I had with one of my favorite little mommas to capture. She has such model potential. Her eyes are amazing. I'm sure mom is SUPER proud of this one. I know I am. Stay tuned there will be images of her sisters to come. Maybe even mom!

You know this little women dominates in EVERY sport she plays. She has unreal strength for a child and always have. Currently she is wrapping up her softball season and last week she completed soccer. Yep that's right she played 2 sports at one time. It's in her blood. {Her sisters play everything from basketball to volleyball.} Aren't her eyes amazing!

Secondly I want to share my baby girl. Yes she is 9 but so what she is still MY baby girl right. This is image is from March of this year and I went back and converted it to black and white I just LOVE the turn out. Gotta love the "serious" face.

And lastly I have 2 more SNL Spotlight entries to share. Thanks mom for sending them. You will recognize them I had a session with them in March. Yup since I'm not the one judging if you had a previous session with me you can still enter!

Don't be afraid to leave comments they are welcome. Enjoy your weekend everyone!




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