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Stacy has always had a passion for children, family and friends. During her teenage years there were two things you could count on seeing with her, one was a baby or child and the other her camera. Stacy enjoyed and treasured each and every moment she spent with other people’s children. However, her journey really began after she had her own two little ones. Over the years as they grew and became more active in sports and school she began to follow her passion further. After request from friends & family, Stacy decided to pursue her passion and created SNL Photography. “It is my desire that you will be delighted with the passion and time that I take to capture your individuality.” Stacy

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Friday, January 9, 2009

What is sick? | Northern Virginia Photographer

My girl is sick! My girl has been fighting a cold since Christmas. I let her stay home this past Tuesday and she rested but still was up playing wanting to do ALL the things "sick" kids that stay home from school shouldn't do. Then yesterday morning she comes in my room and is crying saying that her ear hurts. What does momma say...lets take some Mortin and your GOING to school. All the time I'm thinking she is really ok and just trying to pull one over on me. Well she spends about 15 minutes at school and guess who calls... the nurse. "Well she's here in the office and her ear is pretty red"

I pick her up and we head to the doctor's office only to find out the poor thing has ALL of the following:
Strep Throat
Ear Infection

YES all of that at ONCE. My poor baby. My niece said it the best..."OMG {she's about to turn 12 hence the talking in text} did she swim in a pool of sickness?"

I think maybe she did. We had a very long day yesterday and last night and it will be the same today and tonight. Every 4 hours I need to wake her so she can take her nebs (Nebulizer}. I NEVER thought I would be "thankful" that I have one in my home already for my son. WOW did I just say that. NO really if we didn't already have it I would've spent a lot more yesterday. Oh and did you know you can get FREE antibiotics at your local Giant? You didn't? Me neither...I paid my regular co-pay price at CVS and when I got home I happened to see that they are running that promotion right now. Remind me to watch TV more often.

Hang in there I'm hoping to respond to all emails and inquiries between naps today. Thanks to all my Facebook Friends that have posted well wishes to my baby girl. Here are some super quick edits of her doing her treatments yesterday.




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