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Stacy has always had a passion for children, family and friends. During her teenage years there were two things you could count on seeing with her, one was a baby or child and the other her camera. Stacy enjoyed and treasured each and every moment she spent with other people’s children. However, her journey really began after she had her own two little ones. Over the years as they grew and became more active in sports and school she began to follow her passion further. After request from friends & family, Stacy decided to pursue her passion and created SNL Photography. “It is my desire that you will be delighted with the passion and time that I take to capture your individuality.” Stacy

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nurses ROCK!

See that highlighted name? That's MY Aunt! She graduated this past May with honors and received her nursing degree! If you ask me she has always had it! She IS the nurse of our family. I remember she saved my younger sister from choking on a YELLOW jelly bean when she was young. She came running over to help my mom with my gushing bleeding nose that just wouldn't stop. She helped my mother and uncle when they were both sick, with my grandmother that had knee replacement and my grandfather that is in the clear for his cancer!
And just to tell you what a hero she is of ours she is a remission Cancer patient as well. This women is a superwomen all around! She is known to work a full time job, volunteer at a local clinic, work a part time job, faithfully attend church, and spend plenty of time with her crazy {mostly her brother and sister are the crazy ones} family. Aunt Donna I'm so proud of you and so happy that you are MY Aunt! Congratulations to you on all your hard work. We are all VERY proud of you!


Erica August 05, 2008 10:36 AM  

AWW! This brought tears to my eyes... So amazingly true and Mom you look awesome LOVE YOU!



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